About us


Cream Hill Veal is
a 4th generation
family farm


Nursed from pastured and grass-fed herd, no hormones or growth supplements


We offer a wide variety of cuts, with special pricing on family packs


All products processed under USDA inspection and regulations

Our Mission

At Cream Hill Veal our goal is to not only carry on with the tradition of farming handed down through the generations but the traditional methods and philosophies as well. We take great pride in our work and believe that respect for the animals, land and the community is vital to producing a consistently healthy and high quality product. A strong sense of stewardship and responsibility drives us each and every day to produce the best veal we can in the most humane and natural way possible. A true family farm, we extend our spirit of cooperation and inclusiveness to everyone we do business with.

Our goal is to be a truly sustainable business model for other small dairy farmers who need an alternative and in that vein we don't participate in any Government programs or accept any subsidies. In that way we maintain our autonomy and can use time tested practices that we believe are best for us and maintain our integrity by not accepting public money to grow products to sell to the public. We only expect you to pay for your meat once and we sincerely hope it’s the best you ever tasted.

Thank you, The Kennedy Family

What others are saying about us

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Where to reach us
Cream Hill Veal
182 Cream Hill Road
West Cornwall, CT 06796
P: (860) 672-0000
Packages of frozen and wrapped veal can be picked-up at the farm or arrangements can be made for delivery. Payment by cash or check at the time of pick-up would be appreciated.

Payment by credit card can be arranged.

Where to buy

Norfolk Farmers Market

19 Maple Avenue, Norfolk, CT
Saturdays, 10 am to 1 pm

Amenia Farmers Market

Amenia Town Hall, Amenia, NY
Fridays, 3 - 7 pm

Kingsley Tavern

14 N Main Street,
Kent, CT

Cream Hill Veal

182 Cream Hill Road,
West Cornwall, CT


Cuts Packaging Price per Pound
Scaloppini 1 lb pkg $24.00
Tenderloin - - $18.00
Cutlets 1 lb pkg $12.00
Sirloins Cutlets 1 lb pkg $15.00
Center cut osso bucco - - $18.00
Loin chops 2 per pkg- 1 inch $21.00
Stew meat 2 lb pkg $8.00
Top round roast - - $16.00
Shoulder roast 3-5 lb pkg $7.00
Breast - - $4.00
Calves liver 1 lb pkg $10.00
Rib chops 2 per pkg - 1 inch $24.00
Ground 2 lb pkg $5.00
Kidney - - $5.00
Sirloin chops (steaks) - - $8.00
Sweetbreads when available $20.00
Eye of round roast - - $12.00
Wholesale hanging halves 90-110 lbs. $5.25 per pound, delivered within
50 miles from farm; arrangements can
be made for other areas

All products are processed under USDA inspection and regulations
These prices are for frozen product at the farm. Arrangements can be made for delivery. Special orders for fresh cuts can be accommodated with a 2 week notice.

Cream Hill Veal is also available in halves and family packs processed to fit your needs with free delivery in Litchfield County.

40-50 LB HALVES @ $8.00 per LB processed to meet your needs with free delivery in Litchfield County

20 LB FAMILY PACK @ $145.00 consisting of a 3 lb roast, 4 lb of osso bucco, 4 lbs of cutlets, 4 lb of chops and 5 lbs of ground wrapped in conventional freezer paper. You may substitute 6 additional pounds of cutlets for the osso bucco. A savings of over $50.


Nutritional Content

Veal - A Lean Meat

On average, a trimmed, cooked three oz. serving of veal contains 166 calories and only 5.6 grams of fat.The leanest cuts of veal are the leg cutlet, arm steak, sirloin, rib chop, loin chop, and top round. Because of veal's low fat content, it has very little waste and a pound of veal can yield four three oz. servings. Veal is an excellent source of protein and a good source of niacin, zinc, and vitamin B12 and B6.

With a variety of veal cuts available at a range of prices, veal is affordable in everyone's budget.

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